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iCure Joints Care- Boswellia Extract (60 Tablets)

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  • Improves Joints Flexibility
  • Helps to strengthen bones
  • Provides relief from pains in joints, back and frozen shoulder

It Helps in :

  1. Helps in cartilage formation to joints support flexibility
  2. Helps to strengthen bones.

Star Ingredients

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Joints, which connect our bones and allow them to move, are essenal for mobility. As we get older, the carlage wears away or thins, and as we lose the carlage cushion, the nerves in our bones report pain in response to increased stress. While, a healthy diet and regular exercise is vital to healthy joints, added nutrion by way of natural supplements can be beneficial too.

Star Ingredients

Boswellia serrata/ Shallaki

  • Boswellia serrata resin extract helps to maintain joint health, supports joint flexibility. The analgesic
    properties of shallaki help alleviate arthritic pain and improve joint function.

Rasna & Nirgundi

  • Helps in removing toxins from the body and therefore helps in preventing accumulation of toxins in the joints and may help provide relief from the pain


  • Ashwagandha may help control stress by reducing the level of stress hormone and promote calmness and
  • Ashwagandha may help improve muscle strength by promoting muscle growth. It may also help in faster recovery during and post-workout

Why iCure Joints Care?

  • ICURE ADVANCED JOINT SUPPORT: iCure Joint Care provides key nutrients that regenerate, fortify, and defend joints. This iCure advanced joint supplement is useful for active people, athletes, and bodybuilders
  • ENHANCED FLEXIBILITY & MOBILITY: A unique blend of ingredients that will aid men & women with all joint related aches & discomfort.
  • JOINT PAIN & STIFFNESS: Powerful formulation have added anti-inflammatory properties of Shallaki 125mg Ashwagandha 50mg Guggul25mg aids in reducing joint pain & stiffness while improving overall mobility.
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