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iCure Sleep Better

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  • Are you tired of laying down on the bed for hours trying to fall asleep? Stress, anxiety, sleep apnea, and other conditions can make it difficult for us to fall…

It Helps in :

  1. Helps Sleep Faster and Longer
  2. Relaxes & calms nervousness
  3. Wake up refreshed
  4. Non-habit Forming

Star Ingredients

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Just as eating a balanced, nutritious diet and exercise is important for health, getting a good, relaxed sleep too, is essential for your body and brain to function properly. Lack of sleep can lead to undue stress, poor concentration levels and lower productivity. It can also risk raise the levels of many diseases and health disorders. iSleepBetter, is a natural formulation to help aid your daily sleep cycle, thereby keeping you healthy and t.

Why iCure Sleep Better?

  • Here is how Sleep Better Health Supplement will help you lead a healthier and happier life filled with quality sleep…

    •  Calms Nerves – nerves play an important role in your sleep cycle. Rapid Sleep helps calm your nerves so you can fall asleep faster and get a sound sleep.
    • Reduces Anxiety – anxiety is the biggest sleep killer. By relaxing you and reducing your anxiety, Rapid Sleep helps you get a deep sleep without disruptions.
    • Boosts Immunity – by promoting quality sleep, Rapid Sleep helps boost your body’s natural defense against diseases and empowers you to lead a healthier life.
    • Supports Sleep-Wake Cycle – ingredients such as L-theanine and L-threonine support the sleep-wake cycle in your brain and help you stay active and healthy throughout the day.
    • Treats Insomnia – chamomile, tryptophan, and melatonin have been shown to decrease the time taken to fall asleep in case of mild insomnia and successfully treat insomnia.
    • Reduces Sleep Latency – L-threonine and tryptophan decrease the time it takes for you to go from being fully awake to sleeping hence reducing sleep latency.
    • Higher Productivity – by promoting quality sleep, Rapid Sleep helps you stay active, productive, and more energetic than ever throughout the day.

    So, what are you waiting for? A life without painful insomnia, anxiety, stress, and low-quality sleep is only a click away!

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for iCure Sleep Better

  1. Shobha

    I ordered it on Wednesday and the next day it was at my doorstep. Excellent service.

  2. Rajesh

    It is really very effective. I got results in just few intakes. Thankyou Icure.

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